Meta Cloud Drive

After seeing yet another “sign up for our new cloud drive, get 20GB free” offer, it dawned on me: could you make a “meta” cloud drive that works purely by piggybacking off others?

The idea is that the MCD would have interfaces to loads of “normal” cloud drives, and would manage your storage appropriately. So if you had 5 or 10 GB from each of Dropbox,, GDrive, iDrive, SkyDrive,, Wuala, and so on, you could easily end up with a couple hundred gigabytes. Then your MCD would bring them all together, managing them as a single virtual drive, so you don’t have to worry about what’s actually stored where.

If you had enough space, it could even incorporate RAID-like functionality: replicate individual files across multiple cloud services so that, if one is unreachable, you wouldn’t lose your data.

Ideally, it’d also manage your accounts with the different services. If you had existing accounts you would go ahead and enter those credentials, but I’d like to see it automate the sign up process for others. IOW, you open an MCD account, and can then automatically sign up with 10 services behind the scenes. We might even be able to do something crafty with referral bonuses behind the scenes to leverage extra storage for our users.


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